Friday, January 29, 2010

Everybody loves freckles

I caught a bit of Big Cat Diary" on Animal Planet this morning. Today's episode featured a seven-week-old cheetah cub, called "Toto" whom I simply had to sketch. He was such a wee rock star, with that fluffy mass of downy fur and that bold, devil-may-care attitude. The host of the programme could not stop going on about how precious and tiny Toto was. Really, I can not say as I blame him!


Quick marker sketch. Now, I have company coming round tonight, so I have to go make some samosas at cheetah-speed. Cheerio!

1 comment:

Ean Moody said...

Wow, that is an amazing face on that cub. I can't even think of an emoticon for it...

Kinda a squishy :3 face?

I love that hair on his head too. Totally looks like a rock star. (I'd say late 80's with all that cheetah print!)