Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's a step in the right direction

Just finished this. A local cafe will be doing a promo for Otto and Anna, and this will go up in said cafe, in poster form;

(click to enlarge)

Here're the thumbnails I drew up for my boss to choose from (the finished product evolved from 2).


Aaaaand because we all love a parcel of blackmail fodder . . .


DON'T MAKE ME GO CANADIAN ON YOU, BUB. Hope everyone else's Hallowe'en was as fun as mine was!

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Kelly f said...

lol. wow. i love your costume. i miss your crazines around here. >_<;;

also- go to tomgreen.com! you have to watch the show w/ crispin glover! OMG I LOVES HIM! CLOWNY CLOWN CLOWN!