Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Juggling one's priorities. Or just . . . juggling.

Heh, Otto and Anna are fixing to take over this blog, aren't they? Well, this is likely due to the fact that I am working on them pretty much nonstop. I've barely even posted a sliver of a smidgeon of a bit of a fraction of all that I have done involving them O_O

So, yes! Here's a bit more!

(part of a poster I just finished)

Only somewhat unrelated, I finally updated VEGtotheTABLE. I'd really like to get the proverbial ball rolling with that thing over the summer, now that I'm not playing Atlas with schoolwork. Heh, now it's just Work!work, driving lessons, caring for my animals and yoga. Whooooo!

Anyway, you lot KNOW you want to learn how to make a delishimus sweet pepper tart. So go have a looksee at the recipe avec doofy photos. Go on, do;

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