Sunday, January 11, 2009

The future, the distant future (with a side of vegetables!)

So, first something incredibly off-topic . . .

For anyone who might be interested, I have created a second blog in addition to this one on healthy vegan eating on a student budget (it is not oft that you see all three of those adjectives in one sentence, eh?). As you may or probably do not know, it is no meegly task eating vegan as a stoo-dent. Lumme, it's hard just eating healthy when you're a stoo-dent on a shoo-string budget. So yes, even the carnivores might get a few useful tidbits out of this. Go and have a look, you know you want to.

VEG(to the)TABLE

And now for something completely relevant.

Over winter holiday, my best friend Carlea and I started onto yet another of our collaborative efforts in story writing. This one was a film-noir style murder mystery, set in the year 2332, during a futuristic version of the Prohibition. In one scene, Klausz, a rookie cop, suspects his work partner of treachery. Said work partner is a veteran detective with cyborg appendages, known as Pascale. Pascale's secret laboratory is secured with a palm pad which scans one's hand before granting access. In order to enter his lab, Klausz knocks Pascale unconscious and severs the detective's cyborg arm so that he might take it wih him and use that hand to gain access to the lab.


And here are some character sheets I drew up quite hastily whilst in the lobby of the oral surgeons', waiting to have my wisdom teeth yanked out.



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