Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Of death, rebirth and feeling like you just bummed it up big time

Confidence issues ahoy, Cap'n.

Anyhoo, a bit of overflow from the last post;

HARBINGER OF DOOM: . . . Oh and Pee-Ess, your computer's gonna get a nasty adware virus a few meegly wee hours after you make the post and you will recieve an email about Dreamworks coming to campus and wanting to see illustration portfolios just in time for your lovely, evil 16-hour work week-end to make readying anything worth looking at deliciously borderline impossible and migraine-worthy and you'll spend several consecutive nights sacrificing sleep to it as well as brain cells and sanity very possibly.

ME: Fabulous. Anything else I should know?

HARBINGER OF DOOM: You have major self esteem issues and your lack of confidence is one heck of an Achilles heel.

ME: May I ask how telling me my self-esteem and confidence are bumly is supposed to help my self esteem and confidence?

HARBINGER OF DOOM: Hoy, I dun make the news, I just deliver it, and my union has a strict don't-shoot-the-messenger policy. Byyyye! ::nips off with a case of munchies::

La la la, I have been wrestling with computers and portfolios for the past week and am now quite knackered as a result. Winter holiday will provide for some much needed time to breathe, rest and generally function as a human being, rather than a confuddled-by-work art stoodent. Seriously, my post-computersickness, post-Dreamworks brain feels like something that flew into a window and is now sliding down the pane.

So! On that lovely note, art:

A picture of Ross Campbell's character, Trilby Bernarde, drawn for him as thanks for taking the time to let me interview him, and for sending me a signed copy of Wet Moon vol. 4.

Hoooly ship, it's concept art.

And a doodle done in class.

I feel a little punk and miz now, so Imma go bed the noo. Night night, all.

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