Monday, April 26, 2010

We're painting the town

Backlog of illustrations for Fiery-Coloured!

A speed-doodle of a snow leopard for the 'Snow' challenge;


And for the 'City Features' challenge:


Otto and Anna feed a meter in historic Downtown Annapolis. You'll notice that there is no car in the parking space . . . Well, there is an explanation for that. Annapolis has come to be called 'ticket town' in some circles. Meter men/maids have been know to literally wait by cars wherein the meter has only a short time left, and slap a ticket on the windshield with half of a second of the meter's expiry.

Often when I drive downtown, I find myself upon the serendipity of a good parking space with a substantial amount of time left on the meter from the previous occupant. Thus, if I have a bit of change in my pocket and I notice another promising space awaiting a guest, I like to pay it forward (and yes, I do know this will be utilised because this is a major tourist point and people are constantly coming and going.)

And if you want to watch me paint it . . .

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Bitsy Baby Photography said...

Fala!!! You are so humble, I didn't realize you were the artist that created all the O&A art! You have awesome work. I love the posts you have blogged of the time lapse painting, amazing!! I look forward to following your work =) And introducing Marina (my baby) to Otto & Anna!!