Thursday, February 26, 2009


Sketches done in the recent Hallmark workshop at Ringling;



Thanks, David, Sam and Daniel ^_^

. . . And now I am off to prepare for Megacon. Lord Lumme, that's tomorrow isn't it? Yes, yes it is. Crikey, these things keep sneaking up on me! They really oughtn't do that, it's a trifle rude, you know?

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Thesis workings . . . and some "it's not working!"s

Neurgh. I officially have a love-hate relationship with ebony pencils.

HARBINGER OF DOOM: "Fala, do not sharpen that pencil with that dull, dull sharpener which happens to be the only sharpener you have. It will cause the lead to crack all the way down throughout the inside of the pencil."

ME: "Pftpftpftpft, what do you know? There's nothing wrong with this sharpener or the ebony pencil. I have sharpened many an ebony pencil at many a time. You might say I am a veteran in that very experience. I could sharpen an ebony pencil blindfolded with my hands tied behind my back and using only my teeth."

HARBINGER OF DOOM: "Now there's a dying art."

ME: "Watch, see? Sharpen sharpen sharpen, ha ha! Here we come a'sharpening among the pencils so-"

EBONY PENCIL ::crrk!death::

ME: . . . Oh, Christmas trees! ::throws both pencil and sharpener across the room and smashes face on wall::

HARBINGER OF DOOM: "It is so very stimulating, being right at the expence of others."


. . . So, yes. Seeing as I have just sharpened my last ebony pencil to death and I lack the funds to buy more, I will be taking the time to do the colouring portion of my thesis till I find myself able to afford both more pencils AND a new sharpener. Here's a wee sample of said colourationation . . .



Friday, February 20, 2009

Blue mooooooon! (Lune Bleeeuuuuu!)

. . . You saw me standing aloooone! Without a dream in my heeeart! Without a love of my oooown!

Er yes, sorry. I love that song (the Marcels, not Elvis, nerks!). And this recent assignment and the result thereof reminded of it.


It's very much (if not grossly and utterly entirely) based on a poem I wrote, entitled "Le Chanson D'un Loup-Garou," meaning 'The Song Of A Werewolf' in English (et oui, c'est un poeme en Francais, bien sur.). I love werewolves and I wanted to lend their lore a happier turn. Mayhap I shall post the storyboards/animatic I made of the aforementioned poem. Mayhap, mayhap.

Wow, Hallmark workshop next week.
Wow, Megacon next week.
Wow, animatic due next week.

Er, wheee!