Friday, February 20, 2009

Blue mooooooon! (Lune Bleeeuuuuu!)

. . . You saw me standing aloooone! Without a dream in my heeeart! Without a love of my oooown!

Er yes, sorry. I love that song (the Marcels, not Elvis, nerks!). And this recent assignment and the result thereof reminded of it.


It's very much (if not grossly and utterly entirely) based on a poem I wrote, entitled "Le Chanson D'un Loup-Garou," meaning 'The Song Of A Werewolf' in English (et oui, c'est un poeme en Francais, bien sur.). I love werewolves and I wanted to lend their lore a happier turn. Mayhap I shall post the storyboards/animatic I made of the aforementioned poem. Mayhap, mayhap.

Wow, Hallmark workshop next week.
Wow, Megacon next week.
Wow, animatic due next week.

Er, wheee!

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