Tuesday, April 7, 2009

"We're on the pig's back, charging through a velvet field."

It is now 7.34 AM. I have officially been in the labs for twelve hours. I'm running on a grand total of seven hours of sleep for the past three days, none of which happened during the aforementioned past twelve.

Go me! I have not even begun to hallucinate yet! The dancing, magenta toilet on the ceiling says so.

At any rate, my computer decided it really and truly hates me, so I have to come to the labs to hopefully finish my thesis. Wow. I feel like I'm back in CA already. Fffffffffun.

So yes, computer troubles = reason for lack of frequent updates. But as I am currently sat before a computer that doesn't Nelson-laugh at me every time I try to do something constructive with it . . . Update!

The assignment? Design packaging for a game. Whoo! (click on it to view it larger)


And now, I think I will stagger back to my flat and crash for a wee bit before class. ::looks outside:: Oh my sainted trousers, that's daylight! Where did THAT come from?! ::boggles::

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